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Molana Persian Cuisine is a two levels restaurant which specializes in Persian food and Persian Catering in the Boston area, which are one of a kind.

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The open flames beneath Molana Restaurant’s grills lend a distinctive smokiness to the restaurant’s signature kabobs, but the closely guarded combinations of imported spices is what gives each dish its true Persian essence. Beginning with halal cuts of chicken, lamb, and beef, the chefs carefully roast meat-laden skewers on the grill tops. Appetizers of housemade pickles and yogurt add a refreshing touch to the savory meals, and fruit-accented sides of basmati rice can feature raisins, sour cherries, or sweet orange peels.

The restaurant occupies two floors, securing ample space for tables and a separate bar area. Wall sconces gently illuminate the dining room’s brickwork to help set the mood and alert guests if their shadows are running away.

Certified Halal Meat

ISAW Approved and Halal Certified
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